Our Story

JunkSion X Labs is a digital fabrication space where anyone (artist, designer, engineer, developer, tinkerer, student, citizen), independent of his/her education level, can come to experiment, learn and create all kinds of objects (artistic or design object, interactive object, technical object, prototype).

XLabs is equipped with various tools to aid in product development. Tools such as 3D printers, laser head for cutting and engraving and several sensors.

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Dr. Stacey-Ann Wilson - Executive Director

Stacey-Ann, our chief cheerleader, is a serial entrepreneur with extensive experience in entrepreneurship ecosystem development, business development strategy and serves as an advisor for startups in the Caribbean, Africa and North America. She is an emerging technology enthusiast who brings a wealth of experience to the team. She is also an avid community development practitioner.

Email: wilson@xlabsja.com

Rickardo Moodie - Chief Technology Director

Rickardo, our chief tech disruptor, is a creative technologist with an extensive background in technology (hardware and software) and electrical engineering. He also has training in teaching and learning and brings a fun but structured method of engagement to STEM learners. Rickardo is also an avid urban agriculturalist.

Email: moodie@xlabsja.com

Dionne Wilson - Director of Communications and Partner Relations

Dionne, a tech enthusiast, is a writer/film-maker by training, with extensive background in public relations and partnership management. Dionne brings a creative personality to our communications and partner engagements and relations. Dionne is also an avid short video director.

Email: dionnewv@xlabsja.com

Colin Fuller-Bennett – Intern (Communications and Partner Relations)

Colin is an aspiring tech entrepreneur with a background in economics. Colin brings curiosity and a “can do” spirit to the team. Colin is an aspiring minimalist.

Email: info@xlabsja.com

Market Preparation

“In addition to the Executive Team, XLabs draws on the expertise of various professionals such as engineers, graphic designers, product development specialists, intellectual property lawyers, and marketing and communication specialists and other industry experts to help our aspiring innovators go from idea to prototype to market.”

Creative Technology Development

“Workshop for children and for adults. XLabs supports creative learning in education, often we host Popup informative sessions and workshops. ”

Business Bootcamps

“The XLabs team coordinates our partners, mentors and fellow advocates from around the world to bring our bootcamp participants best practices and practical exercises for their personal and business development. ”

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